Event Linen Rentals Dallas/Fort Worth

J&R Rentals has one of the largest collections of Event Linens in Dallas/Fort Worth! We offer a wide range of options from affordable poly linens, to Luxury Textiles, in a large assortment of colors!

Our Basic Linens and Colors are available for booking on our website. If you have a specific linen need that is not on the website, please give us a call at 817-793-5910 and we will be happy to make it happen for you!

The Vocabulary

Terms you’ll hear tossed around while considering different linens for your wedding.


A protective fabric to lay underneath a linen. Also called a table pad, it’s not meant to be seen but is used to enhance the feel of the tabletop and linen. Liners are typically used under fine or delicate fabrics to give them a more luxurious feel.


A linen laid over another linen to give dimension or create pattern. A shorter or different shaped linen can be layered over another, or a thin or sheer fabric can be overlaid atop a solid one to dress up a tablescape.


Narrow lengths of fabric layered on top of tablecloths or placed on a bare table for a decorative touch.

Chair Covers

A fabric embellishment, usually covering the entire chair down to the floor.

Chair Sash

Ornamental fabric tied or placed around the back of a chair to enhance and decorate.


The way a fabric hangs from a table. Also known as a puddle when the linen lays onto the ground and pools at the base of the table, giving it a stylish and luxe feel.

Pick Your Dates!

Renting linens in DFW for your event is simple.
Just select the style.
Once you do this you can pick size, color and quantity.

Tablecloths For Long Tables (Basic Fabric & Colors Listed – Call for More Info)

Tablecloths For Round Tables (Basic Fabric & Colors Listed – Call for More Info)

Overlays & Runners

Chair Covers & Sashes

Centerpieces & Table Toppers

If you are looking for a custom centerpiece, we can do it!
Give us a call @ 817-793-5910 and let us know what you are looking for!